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About the Coalition

The Oregon Forest Conservation Coalition supports conservation areas on Oregon state forests and balanced forest management. We are working...
Photo by Trygve Steen
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Homesteader: 1890 – 2016

Northwest Oregon’s state-owned forests are comprised of less than .01% old growth, a stunning number that indicates their fraught history of devastating fires and aggressive logging. A notable forest parcel in the Clatsop State Forest, known as “Homesteader,” contained trees upwards…

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Linn County has filed a disruptive lawsuit that seeks to turn Oregon’s state forests into industrial style tree farms. Stand up for balanced management and all of the things we love about forests—recreation, clean water, wildlife, abundant fish runs, solitude! Use #ForestLegacy on social…

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Blog, State Forests

Join us in Astoria!

Mark your calendars to celebrate and advocate for our state forests. We all need to stand up and make sure that Clatsop County opts out of the Linn County lawsuit. The future of the Clatsop State Forest should be a balanced,…

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